Get ready, Australia!

I just received the commitment of being chosen for a research project at the University of South Australia. So, I am going to start on 21st August. The internship will last until 19th February. That is quite a long time! 15,000 km abroad! At the moment I just can not really describe, what it feels like! I am going to spend Christmas and New Year in Australia, maybe we are going to have a Christmas tree on the beach. It is just so exciting right now, and I am really looking forward to take off, although there is still some time.

What am I going to do next? Well, getting a Visa is probably the next important step, which should be quite easy. Nevertheless, right now it is time for some sleep. Good night, mate!


2 responses to “Get ready, Australia!

  1. Wow!

    First of all: Congratulations! I’m sure this will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life! I hope – despite of your work – you will get the chance to visit the one or the other beautiful place in Australia.
    Lots of success within your research duties and lots of fun Down Under!


  2. thanks 😀 it’s gonna be great!

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