Visa issues

Last week a nice guy from the University I study visited my flat. I think he really likes it and is going to take it for the time I’m not in Austria. Beside that, the Professor from the University of South Australia sent me the signed and scanned Internship Agreement, which deals with some major topics: Where’ll I work, what’ll I work on, how much am I going to be paid, timeframe and so on. This little sheet of paper is going to be transfered to the head of Communication and Knowledge Media, the course I’m participating in Austria. You can see it as a kind of contract.

At the moment I’m waiting for a reply from Judy. She’s Australian, and really familiar with all the visa issues. I have to admit, that it’s not that easy getting a visa for Australia. In my case, there’s only one possibility, which is called the Occupational Training Visa. The gain of additional knowledge in an company embedded environment is the key criteria for this kind of visa. Unfortunately working with this visa is permitted. Furthermore, Silke wrote on her very informative site (german), that Occupational Training Visas are limited to 6500 – 7000/year about 6500 – 7000 Occupational Training Visas/year are granted.

Next thing to do is the so called Nomination. The Australian University has to nominate me. That means, giving reasons to the South Australian Department of Immigration, why it’s necessary for me and both Universities to participate in this internship program. If the government accepts, I’m eligible to applicate for a visa. So let’s hope and drink some beer…


2 responses to “Visa issues

  1. Hi,
    you mention a sentence on my Webpage. Unfortunately the translation is not correct. I wrote about 6500 to 7000 Occupational Training Visa a year that are granted. As far as I know, there is no limited!


    Silke from

  2. Hi Silke,

    thanks for the advice, I’m going to correct it right now 🙂


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