Almost everything prepared

Beeing lazy last months, I’ll now comment on the status quo. About a month ago, the visa arrived 😀 I had to send a lot of paperwork to the Australien Embassy in Vienna, and after ten days, my passport arrived back in Linz, together with a bill. Visa costs 130 € and is going to be directly charged via credit card.

Right after the arrival of the visa I contacted my supervisor in Australia, to manage the best possible flight. I’d love to stay in Sydney for a week, so I’m going to leave from Vienna on 13th of August (Wednesday) and arrive in Sydney Friday morning. I hope to find a couch to sleep on via the Couchsurfing Project, but there are still two months left to do couch requests.

In addition, my landlord in Australia surprised me very positively with a quite larger room (Room 1) to be able to stay at, and there are no extra costs (about 16m² compared to 11m²). And: There’ll be a cooler inside the room.

Until 11th of July I’ll be very busy with University, so check back then.

Great times now, great times to come!


2 responses to “Almost everything prepared

  1. Hi Christoph!

    Sounds great and it’s good to have a room already. I am busy with contacting potential roommates in Montreal for arranging meetings 🙂 But ok … that are some challenges with going abroad.
    Then … good luck with your last exams, if you still have some.
    See you,

  2. Hi Kathi!

    I’m sure you’re gonna find a great place to stay. Organizing a stay abroad is challenging, nevertheless it’s a great experience how everything fits together in the end when you’re finally on your plane 😀

    Keep in touch,

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