A few weeks ago, a few people completing Communication and Knowledge Media (and the former study path Computer Based Learning) got together and had a good time at the Feldkirchner Seen. As I’ve read in an internal University forum, there’s an ongoing collapse competition looking for the best wakeboard collapse. So I’d like to hand in my favourite and some other nice shots. We tried well, most of us for the first time.

Kneeboarding is quite easy, and so Wakeboarding is, as long as you got it right in the starting phase: strain your arm muscles, try to keep the upper half of the board above the water, then prepare for the lift wire tension and expect everything to happen very fast now. As soon as you are something-like on the water, keep your butt strained and your hips to the front, and there you go 😀

english teacher and me, we made it to the first curve...Dsome did very wellothers kept trying ;)DDseems like I got it...... suddenly some problems occur ...fighting with the water!almost recovered... but then...D)


One response to “Wakeboarding!

  1. hi
    I noticed your interested in wakeboarding. You should check out http://www.worldofwakeboarding.com .It’s a great site for an avid wakeboarder

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