What’s going on?

The last week of exams started with a quite easy one. Nevertheless I’m happy to be finished with this one. So there’re still three exams and two presentations left this week. Last and hardest one on Friday.

Hopefully it’s going to be a sunny Friday. We’re planning to party at the campside of Pleschinger See. And I’d really like to bring my swimming island with a nice palm on it.

Beside that important plans my dad and me are going to get on our bikes next Monday and drive from Linz to Vienna, then pick up my dads’ brother, hop onto train to Innsbruck and then head to Linz again with our bikes. We suspect to return in Linz around 23th.

After that journy I’ve been thinking about doing a short Tour de Europe, which I got really excited about yesterday. Austrian Railroads have some nice offers, for example the InterRail ticket flexible, five days on trains within 10 days for about 160 €. Did you know that: You can go from Linz to Stockholm in about 24 hours? Quite neat.

Beside that: I need money. Therefore, I have to sell my car, look here.


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