Arrived in Sydney

So here I am! After travelling about 40 hours (timeshift included), I finally arrived in Sydney and hey, I love it! I’m great, and here’s the whole story.

In general, I really do like flying around with airplanes. My first longer flight I was on took me to New York a few years ago. That was a nice shorttrip compared to going to Sydney. The plane took me from Vienna to London, where Helene, a friend of mine, and me were planning to meet each other, BUT: we didn’t realize that London Heathrow is that huge! My plane arrived at Terminal 5 at about 5 pm, and I had to go to Terminal 4 for my transfer flight to Singapore. Unfortunately we didn’t know where Helene’s plane was going to arrive, so it was like playing the lottery for me to go to the right Terminal and meet her. So instead of missing my transfer flight to Singapore because of not knowing exactly where she’ll be, I decided to directly go to Terminal 4, I’m sorry Lene 😉

The transfer flight to Singapore was quite nice, I sat right to an Australian couple. The told me some nice places to visit and things to do. For example, they highly recommended to climb the harbour bridge, which is about 130 m high. It’ll cost me about 150 $ and your not allowed to take anything with you, including camera and mobile. Another thing they recommended was the fish market and the blue mountains.

In Singapore I had to get off the plane for a few hours. Singapore also has got a huge airport. You can walk half an hour straight forward and there are still new gates appearing. Somewhere I found an Internet place, just a hour before my transfer flight to Syndey departured. So I took the chance and did a reservation for the Chili Blue hostel in Kings Cross. I’m going to pay about 60 $ for five nights, that’s cheap. In fact I wasn’t able to do a reservation for Friday and yesterday, so I had to find another hostel for two nights on after my arrival.

Then on Friday morning, 0500 am, I finally arrived at Sydney airport. Watching Sydney city from high above sea level was great. Watching Singapore harbour from plane was even more interesting. There were literally hundreds of huge boats, and every boat looked like a candle with all the lights on. But back to Sydney. After my arrival I took the train to Sydney Central train station. It’s called Central, but in fact it’s not. But instead of taking a bus to the centre, I decided to walk all the way. The sun was rising, the air was fresh (it’s kind of Winter here), and it just felt good to explore that beautiful city which I’ve been loving now since I got off the train at Central. So I went down the road for about three hours, watching this building, buying that coffee and already saw a lot of things like the St Marys Cathedral and of course the Opera house. The weather was great, so I kept on walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens watching Cacadoos and Bats hanging off the trees. With going to my hostel in mind, I underestimated the walking distance through the Gardens, so it took me another two hours until I finally got to Victoria Street, Kings Cross. I found a nice hostel just right to Chili Blue Hostel, and checked in for two nights and 48 $.

Although my rooms mates were both kind of strange, I liked them. With one of them, Christian, a guy originally from Hamburg, I went out on Friday night and we both had so much fun. We met some Aussies, Conan and Miles, and we really enjoyed drinking and laughing with them. They were real fun, we exchanged phone numbers and will maybe meet again for a drink on the airport when I get home in February. Conan got married a few months ago, but now he really dislikes his wife and they’re already planning to divorce. On the other hand, Miles is not married yet, but he’s already got some children. Then I met this guy who’s name I can’t recall. He’s a window cleaner, and planning to do the great buildings some time. Until then, he’s planting Marihuana and would like to do big business with that. Nice and strange guy.

I really got hammered, and don’t know when I finally got home Saturday morning. Miles was really nice and showed me all the way back to Victoria Street. Then I slept until three in the afternoon. Yesterday I didn’t really do much, just hanging around in the city, eating really, really tasty burgers at Burgerfuel and doing some people watching. Went to bed at 9 pm, and got up today at seven for a minimalistic breakfast, which is included with my stay.

Right now, I’m about to check out in a few minutes, and head for the Chili Blue hostel a few metres down the road. Afterwards, I’lll go to Manly Beach by ferry and enjoy a great Sunday afternoon. Pictures will follow.

Love you all!


3 responses to “Arrived in Sydney

  1. I live right near the hostel you are staying at and though I sure you have wandered around, I recommend SoHo or Favela clubs for a good night out. I also totally agree with the harbour bridge climb — a must do even though it is a bit expensive (they’ll take your photo while you are up there). Also, you’ll be in the same vicinity of my FAVORITE thing to do with visitors when they are in town: The Rocks Pub Tour (– a little bit of history on the original settlement and also drinks along the way (and you’ll need one after the bridge climb). Enjoy Sydney!

  2. Hi Christoph!

    Nice to hear that it’s really likeable in Australia and that you had allready a lot of fun.
    I will continue reading your blog 🙂

    If you’d also would like to browse through my blog check: (until yet there are just some articles, but the will get more during my internship)

    so long,
    liebe Grüße ausm Mostviertel

  3. @Alice: Nice to hear from you! Thanks for that advice! Maybe I’m going to manage to do the bridge climb on Thursday. The Pub Tour sounds like fun 🙂
    @Pia: Great to have you here reading my post 🙂 I’ll do the same with yours in a few days, when there’s free Internet connection available at the students dorm 😉

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