Finally Adelaide

Current local time: 09:45 am, sunny, 8 ° C. It’s Winter, and it can get pretty cold here, compared to other parts of Australia like Darwin, where todays high forecast is 32 ° C. Darwin is close to the Equator. Here in Adelaide min. today was 3 ° C. Woke up frozen last two nights. Somebody in here always turns the thermostat down to 13 ° C, which is imho way too low. I’d like to have it comfortable, with around 18 ° C I’m fine. In fact, I only got one thin blanket. Before my arrival, my landlord wrote that he’d provide pillow and blanket. Therefore I expected a “usual” blanket, like we’re used to in Europe, filled with feathers or similar. But I was wrong. So I’ll keep on asking my housemates not to turn down the thermostat to 13 ° C. Because it sucks to wake up and be cold.

Somehow I expected my housemates to be more “partyish”, but in fact they’re all quite quiet. I’m fine with that, nevertheless some kind of “Weekend-Welcome-Celebration” would had been neat. As far as I could figure it out, there’re three Australians (Jamie, Denzel, Daniel), one Malaysian (forgot the name), one Taiwanese (Jason) and me. I just recognized, that I’ve already met all of them. Well, they’re all enrolled in courses at the UniSA (University of South Australia). First I met Denzel, who’s doing some kind of mobile networking stuff. Then Daniel showed up for a few seconds. After that short introduction, I entered my 16 m² room with everything a student need: comfy chair, desk, cabinet, book rack, commode and bed. Call me gay, but personally I like the pink carpet floor. It’s nice to walk on.

So after exploring my room, my landlord Lionel showed up, to do some formal paper work and show me around. First impression was: nice guy. We’re about to do some kind of house meeting once in a while. Next is supposed to be on Friday. Lionel wants to know everything when it comes to things that are broken, so if anything breaks, he’d like to know that directly. Daniel’s cooling system broke sometime ago, but somehow Lionel hasn’t repaired it yet. Daniel feels like Lionel expects him to admit that it was his (Daniel’s) fault. So maybe it’s better not to break anything, even if it’s not my fault…

Next I met Jamie and the Malaysian guy. Jamie does his Bachelor in Education and works on Saturdays at a camping store. The other guy is doing a Bachelor in Civil Aviation. He’s going to tell pilots where to fly and land. He’s looking for part time work, just arrived six weeks ago from Singapore, where he worked for two and half a year as a school assistant, planning students plans and stuff. Last one I met was Jason. He did nighshift from Friday to Saturday, beside that I don’t know anything about him yet.

In short, to me it seems like we’re going to come along. After meeting everybody I went to that foodstore around the corner, about 10 minutes walk, and bought some stuff for meal: meat, sausage, cheese, rice, bread and stuff. There’s also a video store, a bakery, a camping store, an ATM (bankomat) and some other stores, a kindergarden and a community centre. The area I live is called Montague Farm, where all streets are named after Australians who died in the Vietnam war. It’s a pretty nice neighbourhood, and as Kathi already mentioned, the area looks like an American suburb. In fact it is a suburb in the North of Adelaide, about 20 minutes by bus to Adelaide City. The day trip ticket is 4 $ for students when purchased on the bus.

Yesterday, after brekky I walked around Montague Farm and finally got on the bus to Adelaide City at Mawson Lakes. Tried to find a nice pre-paid mobile deal and some additional blankets. Finally got back home with a tasty 7$-200g-Haigh’s chocolate bar, some drugstore articles, food and a pack of Tooheys beer. Spent the evening watching TV, talking to some housmates and watching Helge Schneiders Praxis Dr. Hasenbein, a funny weird German movie.

"My" house

"My" house

Montague Farm - Nice area around

Montague Farm - Nice area around

Black swans near the Adelaide Festival Centre

Black swans near the Adelaide Festival Centre

Sunset pictured next to the Adelaide Festival Centre

Sunset pictured next to the Adelaide Festival Centre


2 responses to “Finally Adelaide

  1. Hey!

    Seems to be a nice area and a really cool house. Hope you enjoy it there!

  2. “Your” house looks like a typical “Aussi-Haus” 😉 and I remember they aren’t isolated very well … so nigths are cold in winter.

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