First days at UniSA

Monday: 10:30 am. First meeting with Helen who’s my supervisor and responsible for the Security Laboratory at the University of South Australia (UniSA). Got some formal stuff done. Afterwards, Helen introduced me to some other students, working with me in the same lab. Then, a basic introduction to current projects followed. Rest of the day I spent with reading papers to get into the projects and surrounding topics. Also got my Health and Safety instructions. UniSA is very serious about that. Lunch at Subway, the sandwich bar. Left office at about 08:00 pm. Bought some stuff at Woolworths (open til 09:00 pm). Meat with mushrooms, tomatos, rice and salad for dinner.

Tuesday: 10:00 am. At the staff room. Instant coffee. Made with filtered water. Not as bad as it sounds. Rest of the day: paper reading. Trying to summarize a bit what I read. Lunch at Subway. Left office at about 06:30 pm. Pasta with fresh olives for dinner. 09:00 pm: Griffins pub in Adelaide city, going out with Gavin (one of Helens PhD students) and some exchange students. It’s 3 $ day! Spoke a bit German with John, an Austrian. There’re night buses on Saturdays only. Therefore: last bus at 11:00 pm.

Today: 10:00 am. Woke up feeling a bit ill. Aspirin. Sidenote: I should reintroduce to have breakfast. At the lab: Read papers again and did my online Health and Safety course, which took me about an hour. And still more to come. UniSA’s really serious about that. I even got instructions what to do, if someone planning a bomb attack calls me. Lunch at Darshana’s Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant. Good and cheaper than Subway. And the waitress is a beauty. In the evening, Jan-Felix, a third year undergraduate genius helping out in the lab, introduced me to a new project. We’re going to get together next Tuesday for details. Got home at 08:30 pm. Pasta with salad for dinner.

Time’s running. The first week is almost over. Two days left. Looking forward to the weekend. At the house nothing’s going on. Housemates are all really quiet. Jamies’s girlfriend is going to visit him on weekend. I’m going to be the kitty manager for September, responsible for trashbins, cleaning stuff,…


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