Debian and Future Tasks

Work diary, second week:

The Debian server is almost ready to go. Managed to get Apache2 with phpWiki running this week. Reminder: Always delete every other Apache installation. And: Watch out for existing log dirs when setting up a VirtualHost (entries have to be the same as in filesystem).

Set up Webmin, a great webinterface for Linux systems. You can manage almost everything: Apache server, MySQL server, processes, etc… from remote. Disabled automatic boot startup and changed port for Webmin. SSH works great.

Main application is running, although it seems to have still some problems with particular sites.

Future tasks: Discussed goals with Helen. As soon as the server setup is finalized and the application runs smoothly, the system is going to move (still open: try .sh scripts, port from Mac to Debian; access from only within the Lab network?). Subsequently, based on the image retrieval project I outlined in another post, I’m going to rebuild the experiment and do research in a new direction.


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