Partytime With A Burned End

A great thing about living in Adelaide: There are parties almost everytime. At least on weekends. If one would like to get out on weekends, there’s not doubt that somewhere in your area something’s going on. In Adelaide City, Saturday’s the right day to stay awake till early in the morning. You can find a lot of pubs and clubs. But keep in mind to always carry your ID, in my case that’s the passport. Otherwise you could run into trouble trying to get in certain clubs. On my first Saturday night in town, of course I didn’t think of my ID and went to the city, which is a 30 minutes drive with the bus. Btw, public transport drivers in Australia are generally very helpful, as most of Australians are. If you ask for how to get somewhere, they always do as much as they can to guide you. And on that Saturday, I didn’t even had to pay for my bus ride, which is normally about 2 $ for one direction (the main reason was, that I wanted to pay with a 20 $ note and the driver had no change).

So I got on that bus, happy to ride for free, and after half an hour I arrived at a club called ‘Duke of York’. At half past eight, hardly any people were there, so I just made my way to the entrance, where a blonde girl waited for me. “May I see your ID please?” she asked me. “No, you can’t” I thought, I haven’t had it with me. “aahhm… well… here’s my International Student ID. How’s about that?” I asked, trying to look nice and handsome. But the blonde girl was very strict and answered: “I’m sorry, you can’t get in. I’m the manager. You can’t get in without an ID.” Damn it. I knew that it’s usual to carry your ID when going out in Australia, I did it in Sydney before. So I was kind of pissed off. After a few minutes, Gavin which whom I was supposed to meet, arrived and I told him my story, which pissed him off too. Moreover, he started complaining about my sport shoes. (Yes, maybe they look kind of crappy. But so many people weared sport shoes in Sydney, so I thought, well, why not me on a Saturday night?).

As there’s only one bus route I actually know to get from and to the city, I had to wait about 20 minutes for my bus home. Of course I wanted to go out that night, even if I wasted two hours to go home again to get my passport. That was my opinion when I waited for the bus. In fact, back at home, somehow I felt tired and my motivation for going out was gone. So I sent Gavin a message to chancel the meeting, he had some other friends to meet anyway. I felt hungry, put up a nice pot of rice and switched my notebook on. A few minutes later, my mobile indicated a message arrival, in which Gavin stated that they were betting either if I came back to the city or not. Two beers for me were the odds if I came. And I thought: ‘Well, he’s right, it’s my first night out in Adelaide, the club looked nice, I should really go out. And there are those beers!’ So I grabed my stuff, put on stylish leather shoes and a jacket and hurried up to catch the bus.

Beside the fact that I didn’t have to pay for the second bus ride to the city again (AdelaideMetro ftw!), after the first station I recognized it: No passport again! Damn! I was on the last bus to the city, so getting out, walking back, picking up the ID and catching another bus was no option at all. So I did the only possible thing that made sense: Trying to get in another time without passport. But instead with new shoes and jacket.

And guess what: It was as easy as it is for 14 year old teenagers in Austria to get into ‘Nachtschicht’ on weekends. I showed her (that time, it was another girl) my International Student ID again, and everybody was fine. The dance floor inside burned already, music was great and Gavin was really surprised to see me. After the first beers (the local Coopers is really worth a try!) and a nice chat with his friends we all made it to move our bodies to the hottest rythms on earth. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselfs til early in the morning.

At about 4 we (Charlotte, Rose, Gavin, me) decided to leave ‘Duke of Yorks’ to get out for some fresh air. Gavin hunted the whole night for Rose, but Rose played some games girls sometimes like to play. Those kind of games, where several guys are involved at the same time. Those games, were it seems like there’re loosers and winners (stupid, I don’t like those games). And it seemed like he lost (to him, IMHO the other homeboy didn’t had a chance at all!). Anyway, Charlotte (I think that was her name) was still after Gavin. So why not give it a try? They did, and we finally all crashed Rose’s place. She provided us with yummy pasta, and after another two hours we felt kind of tired and went to bed.

Unfortunately, Gavin had to get up at 8 again. Because I had no idea were I was (we went with the cab in the morning) I joined him. His brother picked him up, and after a short visit at his house I was dropped off at a bus station, where I expected a certain bus. Which didn’t show up. After one and a half hour I decided to try another bus, which first took me back to the city where I could take my default bus route home.

Four hours after getting up, I finally got off at my home station 33 (right next to McDonalds) and suddenly (surprisingly) felt very hungry. At that moment, I was thunderstruck! You know that feeling, when you forgot something very important, like an exam the next day and you didn’t learn anything yet? Increasing heartbeat rate and Adrenalin rush! When I was at home the night before, I actually didn’t intentioned to go back to the city. And I felt hungry. And I put a pot with rice on the gas stoven. And I didn’t turn the gas stove off when I left the house! So what could have happened? Either the whole house already burned down and there’s nothing more to rescue or some of my housemates smelled the burned rice and turned the cooker off. In both cases, it wouldn’t have had made anything better if I stressed myself and therefore went to McDonalds for two double-cheeseburger and a coffee.

Back at home, the house was still there. No smoke coming out of the door or windows. Inside it smelled a little bit. And the pot was… well, I bought a new one. Happy that nothing serious happend, I decided to stay at home and chilled with some old-school computer games after a nice Skype session with a great girl.


4 responses to “Partytime With A Burned End

  1. so…who is that great girl??

  2. she’ll know 😉

  3. Funny and exciting story. Good that the house is still ok!
    Have more nice parties in Adelaide, but maybe less complicated 🙂

  4. Very nicely written – I had a lot of fun reading your story 😀
    “No passport again!” … ingenious *lol*

    by the way … last week Gandhi also tried to transform a baguette to a briquet 😉

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