Had a nice party weekend. Yesterday the AFL (Australian Football League) Finals took place, and people went crazy in the city afterwards. They know how to party.

At first, it seemed like me buying some books in the city and returning afterwards to my place for a nice read. Well, Mike (from Germany) texted me if I’d like to join going to Glenelg for some Frisbee beach session. Why not? So we went there, but it was too windy to play. The guys had some beer cans with them, so we had them near the beach. But generally, beaches are “dry zones”, means alcohol drinking is not allowed there. Right when we opened the cans, a police car stopped by. Officers told us to ex the beers, and they won’t fine us. So we did, and saved 200 bucks each, a total of 800. Thank you guys! Nice one, we thought, and went for a walk, direction city. After half an hour walking and chatting, somebody suggested to go into a pub, so we did, had some drinks and moved on back to the city. There we split, I met with Gavin and Mark (from French speaking Switzerland) in Duke of Yorks, where everybody was dancing like crazy. So I just went crazy too and enjoyed myself and people around me throughout the night 🙂

More pics on facebook.


2 responses to “Weekend

  1. Christoph, du hast gschmust? (I kissed a girl…)

    lg Pia

  2. well, we miss some news after that long time…
    let us know what’s goin’ on down and under…


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