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Morning Hour Has Gold In It’s Mouth

Maybe I should stop translating German phrases into English… Today I got up at 6 am, and that’s very early compared to what I’m used to on weekends. (Not going out yesterday paid off obviously.) So I had the exciting idea to grab my picture cam and go for a run. There’s also another pic, which is more related to my last post.


Got mobile!

Although it’s Sunday, most stores are open. So I went to Kmart for the first time in my life and purchased a pre-paid SIM for 4 $, my number is

+61 40 181 76 55

Send me a message! At least, you don’t have to pay for incoming calls, as you have to in Canada. Beside that, the first minute costs about 1 $, then 80 c/min (about 0,6 €/0,5 €). Every time I reload with 30 $, I get 120 $ for standard calls (reloading with 100 $ would get me extra 900 $). I can use that credit to call in any network here. But: credit expires after 30 days.

Also bought: a sleeping bag (to keep me warm @ night), 32 rolls of toilet paper, three pair of socks, a towel, post its, college block and house shoes for 60 $ (36 €). Wanted to check my credit card balance afterwards, but when I try to get my SecureCode (which is necessary to check balance online), Paylife always tells me, there’s a temporary problem (which lasts for hours now).

Had that house meeting today (instead of next Friday). Landlord communicated some things regarding kitchen cleaning: everything should be cleaned up right after use, “use-it-clean-it”, etc. We’re all fine with that.

Tomorrow’s my first day at University. Gonna meet with my supervisor Helen @ 10:30 @ “her” building, D3-13. She’ll show me around and stuff. This is the campus map. It’s compareable to the Hagenberg Campus. They also got a lake (like Hagenberg does under the Ellipse). But everything is way bigger. Took me 20 minutes to run around that lake today. Next to the lake there’re living houses everywhere. And across the street opposite to the lake there’s the campus.

Looking forward to meet up with Helen tomorrow and get some idea of my upcoming projects.

Catch ya later.


For medical reasons, I returned last Friday to Linz. Somehow, my left knee didn’t want to cycle any longer. I went to Dr, who diagnosed an inflammation and advised me not to do any sports in the next few days…

So I visited the Pflasterspektakel in Linz, which is a huge event with a lot of street musicians, artists,… It was great.

Linz, Vienna and ten Big Macs later

After the first two days I would have really been able to eat ten Big Macs with no effect, theoretical. Started in Linz at 9 a.m. our average speed was about 25 km/h for the first 80 km. Then in Ybbs/Donau we stopped for a Pizza at Giovannis Pizzeria which I can really recommend.

After that first longer break we moved on. In Wachau we then grabbed some fresh and tasty cherries and apricots. Half an hour later, the sky was getting darker and we looked for a place to sleep. In fact, we wanted to find something under a bridge to avoid getting wet in case of rain and thunderstorms. We then figured out a nice place near the highway in the woods. Everything looked pretty dry, even the light rain couldn’t really manage to get through all the trees. So we decided to stay there for the first night.

So we looked for the driest spots and placed our Biwaks there, which are kind of tents without fiberglass bars. I had a single person Biwak from McKinley, my dad a bit larger one. And if you ever think of buying a Biwak, I can recommend not to buy one from McKinley. In my case, it really sucked. For the first hour, everything was pretty dry. Then the rain started to get stronger, and another hour later my silk sleeping bag got wettish already.

I then moved to my dads one, and it got kind of tight. Rain got even stronger. It was not possible to fully close the Biwak to keep the rain outside, so our heads regularly got wet. When one moved out for toilet, the other got the whole bunch of rain resting on the Biwak onto his head. Beside that, it got really cold outside. Strictly spoken, we both were happy when the birds chirped.

The morning surprised us with a lot of sun and we were happy to be able to dry our things (inside my Biwak there was a little lake). At 10 a.m. we finally moved on towards Vienna. My first impression was “we’re never going to manage it, my butt just hurts too much”. We both had the impression, to be much slower than the day before but in fact we cycled exactly the same distance (120 km) at about the same time (OK, it took us 20 minutes longer, which was because we couldn’t find my uncles house).

So finally, 240 km, an effective cycling time of about 11,5 hours and 5000 additional kcal later we arrived. The third day is for regeneration, on the fourth we’re heading to Innsbruck by train, which means getting up at 4 in the morning… Will get to bed at 6 p.m. I suppose.

Three men, three bikes, three destinations

(Hopefully) passed all the exams last week. Semester final party was great, most students where at the lake, drinking, playing beach volleyball and having fun. For me it was great to get in touch with some people I didn’t really got in touch before.

From Monday I’m gonna be ten days off for a tour through Austria. The route is

Linz -> Vienna (bike), Vienna -> Innsbruck (train), Innsbruck -> Linz (bike)

It’s gonna be tough, but together we’re about to make it.


A few weeks ago, a few people completing Communication and Knowledge Media (and the former study path Computer Based Learning) got together and had a good time at the Feldkirchner Seen. As I’ve read in an internal University forum, there’s an ongoing collapse competition looking for the best wakeboard collapse. So I’d like to hand in my favourite and some other nice shots. We tried well, most of us for the first time.

Kneeboarding is quite easy, and so Wakeboarding is, as long as you got it right in the starting phase: strain your arm muscles, try to keep the upper half of the board above the water, then prepare for the lift wire tension and expect everything to happen very fast now. As soon as you are something-like on the water, keep your butt strained and your hips to the front, and there you go 😀

english teacher and me, we made it to the first curve...Dsome did very wellothers kept trying ;)DDseems like I got it...... suddenly some problems occur ...fighting with the water!almost recovered... but then...D)