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Six Months In A Post

Sun, Fun, Party
Work, Life, Music
Friends, Trips, Experience
New, Wild, Fresh

Can’t think of more at the moment, nevertheless going abroad for internship was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks for reading and being with me. See you all soon somewhere around the world 🙂


Almost gone

Heading for the train to Vienna at half past eight. Flight departs at quarter past two. Next stop: London. Managed to fill my big case with only 20 kg. Hope to get trough security check with my big notebook-rucksack. See you soon!


Currently there’s only one thing I can do concerning my Australia internship, and that is: waiting. Judy, a very nice person from Down Under helped me to organize the nomination for the Visa. Everyone applying for a occupational training visa needs to take this step first, and almost all information has to be provided by the training institution (in this case the University of South Australia). Data provided by me are for example a confirmation of my University at home, proving that there’s a need for me to undertake training to complete my studies. Here’s a detailed checklist with everything important for that first move. After the Australian Government considered me as eligible, I can go on with the visa application.

Talked to a very nice girl last week, who spent some months in Australia. She liked the people and their way of life, and advised me to enjoy the Outback. Hopefully I can do so, right now I’m wondering about how many days will be left for spare time. Working hours are going to be full time, so there’s only the weekend left in general.

I also had the chance to get in contact with an nice Austrian guy who’s currently doing his Dr in Adelaide. In fact, he’s living in the room I’m going to live in, so he knows the environment pretty well. Looking forward to further e-mails…