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Love Story…

…, noooot 😉 Anyway, three weeks ago, it was a Saturday night, I met Anna. We had some beer and talked about this and that. She’s very interested in Austria and sports. I was very interested in Australia and Aussie slang. And indeed I learned a few new Aussie slang words in the upcoming weeks.

Back to track. I told Anna about my dream to become a diver and this special offer in Glenelg beach. 800 bucks, and bring a friend for free. She was excited as, and instantly decided to do this course with me. Well, that was quick, I thought. Course started on Friday, we met on Monday, Labour Day, for a walk in the mountains. Afer a nice drive, we visited the ‘Whispering Wall’ (you can whisper to each other over hundreds of meters using a huge wall), walked for a few hours in the forest and finally saw two Kangaroos. Neat!

Next day I organized everything for the course. The day after we picked up our learning material (DVD and 200+ pages diver manual). On Thursday before the course we started to learn everything. And on Sunday we passed the exam. Inbetween we had our first pool dives and some class lessons. First part well done.

Second part was this weekend in Edithburgh, a 300 km drive from Adelaide. The group and two instructors met there Friday night. On Saturday we’re all amazed after our first open water dive. After an hour we did the second one, which was even better, we stayed at the bottom for almost 60 min in about 7 m. The main purpose of these and the two following dives on Sunday was to practise skills like: buddy check (steps: BCD, Weight, Air, Releases, Fins) descending(steps: Signal, Orientation, Replace, Time, Equalize, Descend), ascending (steps: Signal, Time, Ascend, Rotate, Swim), buoyancy (which is a bitch! we had dry-suits, which are as opposed to wet-suits completely closed and fillable with air), emergency ascend and methods, hand signals (pretty easy to learn), BCD and weightbelt removal on the surface, mask clearing and much more…

In short, a great experience. Each Scuba Diver takes a certain risk of decompression illness (bubbles of nitrogen in your bloodstream, which expand when you go to the surface and can keep the blood from streaming), which occurs in case of ascending too quickly after beeing too deep for too long. Responsible planning minimizes that risk. Scuba Diving can be learned by everyone, as long as you are physically (the cylinders and weightbelts are heavy on land!) and mentally (know how to plan dives, and don’t exceed your planned limits) alright.

Beside diving I couldn’t keep away from houseparties 😀



Had a nice party weekend. Yesterday the AFL (Australian Football League) Finals took place, and people went crazy in the city afterwards. They know how to party.

At first, it seemed like me buying some books in the city and returning afterwards to my place for a nice read. Well, Mike (from Germany) texted me if I’d like to join going to Glenelg for some Frisbee beach session. Why not? So we went there, but it was too windy to play. The guys had some beer cans with them, so we had them near the beach. But generally, beaches are “dry zones”, means alcohol drinking is not allowed there. Right when we opened the cans, a police car stopped by. Officers told us to ex the beers, and they won’t fine us. So we did, and saved 200 bucks each, a total of 800. Thank you guys! Nice one, we thought, and went for a walk, direction city. After half an hour walking and chatting, somebody suggested to go into a pub, so we did, had some drinks and moved on back to the city. There we split, I met with Gavin and Mark (from French speaking Switzerland) in Duke of Yorks, where everybody was dancing like crazy. So I just went crazy too and enjoyed myself and people around me throughout the night 🙂

More pics on facebook.

Morning Hour Has Gold In It’s Mouth

Maybe I should stop translating German phrases into English… Today I got up at 6 am, and that’s very early compared to what I’m used to on weekends. (Not going out yesterday paid off obviously.) So I had the exciting idea to grab my picture cam and go for a run. There’s also another pic, which is more related to my last post.

Linux and Living in a community

Firstly, thanks to everybody who messaged or called me on my new mobile. Actually, I missed most calls and can’t write back. I still don’t have any credit.

The last two working days of last week I spent with some papers and an old workstation, trying to get Debian (Linux) installed and prepared for server use. That worked out pretty well, although the Internet connection had to be established manually today. After a modification of the .bashrc with two additional lines for the HTTP and FTP proxy, almost everything was done. Tomorrow I’m going to get the Sun Java Runtime Environment installed and the firewall configured. This particular machine is ment to be the system for a Java application, which is going to gather information about particular Internet services over the next six months. Afterwards the gathered information is going to be analyzed. Next tasks maybe to write a user documentation, get the application installed and ready to run and take care that it keeps running.

For the last weekend I didn’t have any plans so I stayed in my bed almost the whole Saturday sleeping, watching films, setting up a fresh Windows XP and regenerating. I didn’t feel healthy anyway. But staying at home really paid off. On Sunday I felt so much better. And today my cold is almost gone!

Some words about “living in a community”: I remember those days, back at home when there were people (particularly parents) cleaning up for me when I messed up something or “forgot” to put my dishes into the dishwasher. For me, those sweet days are gone for more than a year and I’m fine. But it seems like some of my housemates still need someone, who cleans up after them. There were some serious kitchen cleaning issues the days before my arrival, they got almost physical. Therefore, a house meeting has been issued for last Sunday, were everybody agreed to a key point: Immediate clean up after kitchen use, including fat splatter and similar. In fact, the days right after the meeting, some just ignored what everybody agreed on. As a result, the former kitty manager wrote a very emotional mail to the landlord, mentioning names and informing him about the situation. That lead to some emotional reactions by the mentioned guy, who was supposed to be the “bad guy”… Anyway, with the beginning of September, I’m the new kitty manager, and therefore responsible for our cash, buying general stuff like toilett paper, reminding others to take care of a clean environment and keep the landlord informed if necessary. I’ll try to avoid that, and personally talk to everybody before doing anything else. And today, the kitchen was perfectly cleaned, anyway.

Finally, some pictures from inside the house.

chair, bed, commode

My room: chair, bed, commode

cabinet, chair, desk

My room: cabinet, chair, desk

big window

My room: big window

Favorite bathroom

Favorite bathroom



Dining table, living area in the background

Dining table, living area in the background

Community area outside, car ports across

Community area outside, car ports across

Washing room, big dustbins outside

Washing room, big dustbins outside


For medical reasons, I returned last Friday to Linz. Somehow, my left knee didn’t want to cycle any longer. I went to Dr, who diagnosed an inflammation and advised me not to do any sports in the next few days…

So I visited the Pflasterspektakel in Linz, which is a huge event with a lot of street musicians, artists,… It was great.